Lost & Found in East Brunswick!

Fabulous furniture and found items at the new Lost & Found market in East Brunswick

My friends daughter was captivated by this very funky purple bike! 
Various kitsch accessories  
I loved the little red dress above - very cute indeed! 

This retro enamel cooking pot came home with me!

I headed along to the new Lost & Found market in East Brunswick over the weekend.  It was the opening weekend for the market, which is a an addition to the other Lost & Found market in Collingwood (which I've  purchased from many times before!)

The new market is on Lygon Street, East Brunswick - and I'm very scared that it's so close to home.  This could be very dangerous for my little wallet!  As with the other market, Lost & Found is full of retro and vintage furniture, second-hand clothing, random found items and fabulous kitsch accessories.  Perfect. 

Of course I couldn't resist a little purchase on my maiden visit, and found a very cute and fun enamel cooking pot.  Maybe I'll see you there on my next visit....


  1. YES! I have been so excited about this closer to home venue, and I fear for my wallet too. Viva Brunswick! Have been meaning to say that your new site revamp is looking fab, gold star to you x

  2. What a lovely shop. Those pale green lockers are beautiful...there was nothing like this when I lived in Brunswick!

  3. Oh i would be infatuated with that bike as well, she has good taste...but really i was mostly eyeing off all the fantastic shelves and such....

  4. Ohhh wish I still lived in Melbourne. I love places like this and finding special trinkets with a story to tell.

    I'm sure my husband isn't both for the hip-pocket and state our house would be in if I came across this place - I wouldn't be able to help myself: cash or no cash, space or no space!!

  5. i was there yesterday...there where so many divine things..

  6. This place looks like my idea of heaven! Pity it's the other side of the world!