Website & logo update

My updated website and new logo!
 'Portfolio' section with individual galleries to showcase the different work and design projects I'm involved with.  Including....
Children's textile designs - boys and girls 
Illustration examples 

Repeat pattern textile designs and bedlinen designs 
 Tableware designs
Images from my studio and personal sketchbooks
And the online shop for my new melamine plate collection

I've been a bit behind in announcing my website and logo update.... It was about a year ago that I posted about changing and updating my logo (wow - where has that year gone?!) and after much consideration I did finally decide to go ahead and change my logo.  The logo essentially follows the same format as previously, with 'Lucy King Design' falling underneath each other and the graduation of colour from black to light grey.  The main change is I've updated the font to Jeanne Moderno which is a bit stronger and bolder than the previous font, and I love this fonts mix of modern and vintage appeal.

I've also been working on giving my website a bit of an overhaul and updating the content.  I've worked on so many different freelance projects over the last few years, covering textile design, tableware design and illustration, plus then my own side project with Me Old China and most recently developing the melamine tableware range.  Phew!  So, I needed to update the content of my website and organise a proper gallery to showcase some of the work I've been involved with.

And here it is!  If you get a chance do pop over and have a look to see what designs I've been working on over the last few years.  A big 'Thank You' to the guys at Bonsai Media for helping put the website together and for their patience with my questions and requests for changes!

You can visit the website at:          


  1. Lucy! I go away for a few weeks and you have all this new work for me to see!
    Firstly, really wonderful to see you on Print & Pattern, I hope it brought a treasure trove of traffic, secondly, your new website looks AMAZING!!! As does your logo. You have been busy! I've just loved going through all your designs and it's really nice to see the studio shots (yourself included :)) I just love your style Lucy, you're so so talented.
    I'm also wondering when the big day is? It must be soon? You must email me and let me know....
    I'm supposed to be on a little internet break but I just had to come over and have a little look!
    Take care lovely,
    Allison x

  2. Its just gorgeous lucy! stylish and sprightly and perfectly lovely. Congatulations. A big job beautifully done. jxx