Pretty vintage florals

Pyrex stacking bowls with pretty vintage roses
James Foley Old Kent teacup and saucer with rose pattern

Johnson Australia ceramic plate with vintage floral pattern

I've been without any e-mail or internet for a few days - its been horrible and I feel like I've lost an arm!!  I think I've had withdrawal symptoms.....although I have found I've got a lot more work done without any interruptions or distractions from hopping online!!

I hadn't been out on a second-hand jaunt for a while, but last Friday I was out-and-about and popped into a vinnies store I was passing - and found these lovely collection of pretty vintage floral ceramics.

The two stacking bowls are pyrex, made in England by JAJ (J.A.Joblings).  Pyrex is no longer 'in favour' for kitchens - but I love the old designs you can find on pyrex dishes.  Click here to read a little about the history of pyrex manufacturing in the UK.

The little bone china cup and saucer set (which don't match!) are also from England, made by James Kent.  James Kent (Ltd.), Old Foley Pottery was established in Staffordshire, England in 1897 and was in business until c.1989.

And lastly, the very pretty vintage floral plate in an Australian produced plate by Johnson / Sovereign Pottery.  After the second world war Johnson Bros needed larger and more modern facilities to keep up with increased productivity, and plants were purchased in Canada and Australia to aid production.  1957 Johnsons opened a tableware factory at Croydon, Queensland, Australia, which was run through a firm also known as Sovereign Pottery Ltd. 

Its such a shame these production facilities in England and Australia don't exist anymore, but its great to have examples of their fine wares still in fabulous condition today.  I wonder if some of our current modern products so cheaply available will still be sought after, collected, admired for their decorative qualities and be in perfect condition in 50, 60, 70 years time?....

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  1. Hi!
    I've just come across your blog via print and pattern. Your work is just fantastic! I worked as I designer at Rayware for 4 years so was really interested in your design background. Also my mum has the vintage pyrex bowls in her pantry here in blighty. I'll look forward to reading your blogs K