Gift cards Studio Tomas King

Anemones (watercolour)
The Terrace (oil)
Lemon tea (oil)
La Chaise Rouge (oil)
Les Cerises (oil) - my favourite card!

I love sending out cards to people......maybe I'm a bit old fashioned, but for a special thank you, thinking of you, birthday, anniversary etc cards are so much more personal than sending an e-mail or e-card, so I like to have a few cards at home in case anything pops up.

I recently got these lovely set of cards from Studio Tomas King, with all the cards translated from Tom's original paintings.  OK, so you might have figured there's a family connection here.  Tomas King is my rather talented father who specialises in painting in oil and watercolour, and has adapted some of his paintings into several ranges of hand-made gift cards.

This sweet little pochette of cards contains 10 cards (with 2 cards of 5 mixed designs) on beautiful matt stock paper.  The pochette (wallet) is hand-made and perfect for keeping the cards all-together, or to make a lovely little gift.  I selfishly got these for myself :-)

You can see the range of cards, along with some of Tom's giclee prints at his online shop.  You can see more of his paintings on his blog too!           

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  1. Great to see people still using paints and paper rather than doing everything on a computer.