New old furniture finds

Ooops - look what I happened to buy!  I've been after a large unit to store books and knick-knacks for a while, and spotted this one in Kyneton a few weeks ago.  It's a fab 1960's unit with plenty of storeage space - perfect for books and magazines etc.  I'm sure it won't stay this empty for long!  

I also found this cute little chair (1960's / 1970's??) at our local Salvo's.  The orange colour is perfect, and I love the splayed out legs - like a space ship!

I think I might have to stay home for a while and stop visiting second-hand shops, as our little house is beginning to get full up!  Somehow I always manage to find room for things though.....


  1. What a couple of great finds!! I have been looking for a book shelf like that for ages... very cool!

  2. I used to have a unit like that when I was first married! Your photograph reminded me of it. Must see if I have a photo somewhere.

  3. Great finds indeed! One day I will stop living out of a suitcase and be able to pick up more than tea towels and crochet hooks...