Second hand ceramics

Anyone who's familiar with me and my blog knows I can't resist snapping up second-hand ceramics and kitchen goodies!  I found these little beauties last week on a trip to the other side of the city where I went op-shop exploring for a few hours.  The stainless steel teapot (top) I've decided to use as a plant pot as its a perfect size. 

The Wade (England) vintage ceramic salad bowl and serving spoons I thought were particularly cute too!        
I also bought a mixed selection of little teacups and glasses, with the glasses being perfect for serving strawberries, blueberries and ice-cream.  Yum!! 

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  1. Dearest Lucy,
    I'm wondering if you have any room left in your kitchen for these treasures that you keep purchasing ... there is an article in next months H&G about hoarding - I think you should take a look! haha only kidding!
    I just wanted to pop by and see how you're doing - hope everything with everything is going well :)
    Thinking of you,
    Allison x