Orla Kiely 'Pattern'

I'm still trying to plod my way through my Christmas books, and this lovely book by Orla Kiely has been on my list to share for a while.  The book is called 'Pattern' and is full of fab images of Orla's colourful and fun graphic prints, fashion ranges and bags.  Its also a book I'm enjoying reading, as well as oohing and ahhing over the images. 
The book covers the background of how Orla created her own business, the path she took and how she started out.  I love reading about how other designers have set up a business, what they have learnt from the process, and the highs and lows of running your own creative enterprise.  Its reassuring to know successful brands started out as small businesses, with many of the same problems and hurdles to jump that other small start-ups face. 
The book is divided up into chapters on inspiration, colour, print and home etc, and is punctuated with lots of beautiful photography of her products and designs.  However, it makes me want to go shopping and spend too much money on gorgeous bags.  I LOVE the orange bag above!! 
I love that much of Orla Kiely's design and styling has quite a retro look to it - with many pictures used for brochures shot in old 1950's houses and cafes.  Her clothing range also has a modern-retro aesthetic, with often very simple pieces in stunning colours and her signature bold prints.
I'm such a big fan of the simplicity and graphic nature of Orla's prints and designs.  Yet again I'm drawn to this bold and graphic style of design - which is so different to my own work.  There's something about being attracted to a style of design which is opposite to how I naturally work and create designs, and I'm fascinated by the style and strong brand image she has.  Oooh envy!  
Orla Kiely 'Pattern' published by Conran Octopus, 2010


  1. The book looks amazing. Orla Kiely's designs and her whole brand is fantastic and full of style

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