My first original Angie Lewin print!

It's no secret that I'm a BIG fan of Angie Lewin's prints, and for my birthday a few months ago I received my first ever original Angie Lewin print. 

It was a very big surprise, and the print made the journey all the way from Norfolk, England safely to my living room in Melbourne, Australia!   I finally got it back from being framed and is now proudly hanging on the limited wall space we have (most of my walls are full of my father's wonderful watercolour paintings!) 

The limited edition lino print is called 'Spey Seedheads' and I have the Artists Proof version - an artists proof being the first few prints taken prior to the regular, published edition of the print.  A big thank you to my lovely partner Mr B for such a beautiful and thoughtful gift..... although you've set yourself a pretty high standard to follow now!


  1. This is wonderful! ANd yes, some pretty high standards to live up to now! It's all good :)