Treasured op-shop finds

I'm back working in-house for a few weeks for the textile company I design for, and it's great to visit some op-shops during my lunch break that I don't normally get the chance to visit!  I often go with a view to check out some of the clothing racks......but I'm always so easily distracted by the ceramics and homeware items.  How can one resist such  fabulous colours and patterns?!.....
I love it when I unexpectedly buy in colours - first came the retro orange bread-bin, and then the matching set of orange floral Staffordshire Potteries cups and saucers (on the left) and then the Ridgway 'Harvest Gold' yellow and orange floral cups and saucers. 
The vintage red rose floral plate didn't really fit in with the orange retro theme - but was just too lovely to leave on the dusty shelf.  I also found this old linen tea-towel showing off the 'birds of Fiji' and there was something quite appealing about this too!

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  1. I just bought the same Staffordshire cups and saucers. I love them - so cheerful! I am a Bowerbird too and can't go past an op shop withough popping in. Love your blog.