Indigo Junction and Retro wallpaper

It's been a few weeks since I last managed a blog post as I've been busy, busy, busy with freelance work..... however, I managed to find time to spend some of my hard-earned income on some fabulous retro wallpaper from Indigo Junction!
Indigo Juntion is in East Brunswick in Melbourne and they specialise in vintage and retro furniture and collectibles.  Some of the items can be pretty pricey - but they select great pieces which are always in very good condition.  I made the fatal mistake of wandering in the other week whilst I was waiting to cross the road - and came out with two rolls of original french retro-styled wallpaper!!

I already had a couple of rolls of quite 'out there' retro wallpaper, so thought I'd add to my small collection and bought a roll of cute floral and a classic geo design.  The designs are great as sources of inspiration - and one day I hope to use them as intended and actually be brave enough to put them on a wall somewhere....


  1. Hi Helen! Thanks - I thought they were pretty special and just couldn't resist them :)

  2. i'm loving vintage wallpaper at the moment too. yours are gorgeous! have a great week.


  3. Thanks Kirsty! I'm very excited you found me from all the way over from Darwin - how is life up there? I have a big map of Australia on my wall in front of me and it's definitely a place I'm very keen to visit one day....
    ahhh dream....