Kitchen details

A few weeks ago I posted about my trip to the fabulous Mill Markets at Dayelsford (see post here). Whilst I was there I spotted this old shelf unit - and I just knew it would be prefect in my kitchen!
It was actually sold as a hanging shelf and was originally the other way up - however I removed the hooks and turned it around the other way so it now sits on top of my kitchen bench!  I love having patterned things on display rather than hidden behind cupboard doors, so this is perfect to display some of my favourite kitchen items as well as being very functional. 

I also found a use for the glass jug I bought at the market too - it's a perfect vessel for housing wooden spoons!


  1. It looks great! I love your patterned coffee maker and storage jars too!

  2. i just had to say hello.

  3. love love love it! great use for an awesome storage system. love the floral sandwich plate too.