New kitchen!

It's been a little quiet here as we've been going through some major kitchen renovations for the past few weeks.... we had to remove all the old kitchen units and get everything out of the kitchen ready for the new floor that had to be laid before we could even start installing the kitchen, so it's been a bit of an epic transformation. 

For several weeks we had no oven and no kitchen - so we were cooking on a single burner camping stove and washing up in the bathroom sink! If that wasn't bad enough our old water boiler then decided to pack up - so we had no water for a few days and no hot water for a week! Seriously bad timing!! Lots of boiling water on the camping stove to wash and make endless cups of tea to get us through.
So, this is the original kitchen - seen here from a few years ago prior to the re-stumping and chaos that followed!.....
.....then everything removed from the kitchen and the new floor and tiles being laid......
..... then here we are constructing the new kitchen units under the watchful presence of Jolly!
And finally the finished result!!  We're so pleased with what we've acheived and with the exception of the floor and the tiling we did it all ourselves!  The mess and hassle has been well worth it - and it's great to finally have a spacious and organised kitchen at last.

The only trouble is this means no more excuses and it's time to get cooking!......


  1. Loving that low red cabinet thingy, is it Chinese?

  2. Looks fantastic with still a retro feel!

  3. Hi Emma, it's actually an old workbench and the drawers would have been for storing nails and screws etc. It's solid wood and quite rustic - but it's perfect as a kitchen bench! The place we bought it from waxed it and put a splash of red paint over the front of the drawers which is probably why it looks a bit Chinese! Lucy :)