New 'Me Old China' jewellery on Etsy

After a busy few weeks working at the design studio I'm back working from home again, and have finally had time today to list some new 'upcycled' plate jewellery onto my Me Old China shop!

I've still got some more pieces to list - but I'd forgotton how time consuming it was to photograph the pieces, write the listings, upload the photo's and convert the prices into USA dollars. 

I need to get some more wall plates made and add these to the shop as I've sold a few of these recently - including two which made it all the way to the States which was exciting but also a bit nerve-wracking to know if they would make it all in one piece!  I've got some new ideas and possible designs I'd like to trial with the next collection of wall plates which will be fun - so I best get cracking on some new designs rather than procrastinating by writing this!!

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