New second-hand shop finds!

I had a pretty busy week last week as I was back working at the textile design studio where I used to work full time. I left working there last year to freelance and to set up Me Old China , but I've been helping out in the design studio whilst a few people are away. It's been nice to work in a busy studio environment again and get to work with a bunch of really creative people. Freelancing can sometimes be a little isolating and lonely, and I do miss interacting with creative people and getting inspiration and learning from other designers.

However, one of the best things with being back at the design studio is getting to visit all the second-hand and charity shops in the area - and I managed to pick up a few great finds!...
... such as this very cute map desk!
It 's in great condition for it's age - I'm guessing it's from the 70's as some of the geography is a little out of date.
I also found this fab retro patterned bone china tea-cup and saucer by Colclough China, England. Colclough China was founded in 1890 but sadly ceased to manufacture in the mid 1990's. In the 1950's they merged with Ridgway and this pattern must have been produced sometime after this as the backstamp denotes the name Ridgway as well as Colclough.

I love that it's in olive green and soft ochre colours - and whilst it's floral in nature, the pattern is a stylised and retro interpretation. Too cute!
Along with the tea-cup and saucer I picked up this sweet floral oval shaped plate. It depicts a small cluster of flowers, leaves and berries but in an autumnal colour palette - and I like it because it's unusual to find this muted colouring for a floral plate.

I'm back working at the design studio this week as well - so I'll definitely be making a few more trips to the local charity shops at lunchtime! Fingers crossed for some more great finds...


  1. :D I saw that exact same desk in a Salvos up here over Christmas!! Love it.

  2. That map desk is devine. I LOVE it. I would have grabbed it too if i stumbled across it :)