The Loop

Today I'm profiling a fantastic website called The Loop.

The Loop is an Australian-based career networking site especially set up for creative professionals. Companies & individuals can promote themselves online by creating a free online profile which includes multimedia portfolio, images, photo's and resume. How very cool is that!
The site showcases the work of various professional creatives (both national and international) including designers, art directors, illustrators, animators, producers, editors, photographers, stylists, make-up artists, publicist, marketers, writers and artists. Phew!

It's great if you're looking for work within the creative field as there are lots of industry jobs listed, and it's also a fantastic way of promoting yourself and your work to people looking to find the right illustrator / designer / photographer / stylist etc for a job.

The best bit is you can upload different projects you've worked on with as many images as you like, and create your own 'website' within the site. I think it's such a fantastic concept and I've recently set up my own little profile with some images and examples of my work which you can see at The Loop/Lucy King.
It's a great resource and really easy to use. Do go and check out the website - it is a fairly new venture and it's great to support the people who are helping to support the creative industry.

I'm also putting a permanant link to The Loop under 'handy resources for creative businesses'.
You can read more about how The Loop got started here:

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  1. Hey hey:)

    THANK YOU sooooooooooo much for letting me use your picture! My husband loved it--he was really impressed with your site--so that might mean I can get something in the future:) HOOORAY! Thanks again for all your support--and hopefully some of my friends will stop by your store or blog and leave some love!! Thanks again:)