Peppermint magazine!

Well today I was very excited to receive the forth issue of Peppermint magazine - which features one of my Me Old China ceramic plate necklaces in their eco christmas wish list!

Peppermint magazine describes itself as being Australia's only eco fashion magazine and prides itself on featuring and promoting environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethical fashion design. It is a fairly new magazine (issue 4 has just hit the stores) but has already won several awards including best sustainability in publishing.

I was very flattered to be included in the eco christmas wish list amongst many other talented and environmentally aware products - and to be featured in the magazine in general. It is a great concept to be supporting ethical fashion and is well worth checking out. You can find Peppermint magazine here.


  1. Looks good ... well done! It's a great mag.

  2. Wow Luce, that is fantastic & the magazine looks 'just up your street'. Can't wait to have a look at the article. Fingers crossed that something will come of this. Very proud of you. Love Sophie xx