Cut wall plates

I thought I'd share some images of these cut wall plates I have been working on as part of the Me Old China collection. They are plates designed to be hung on the wall as decoration (there is quite a revival of this I have noticed recently - funny how things come back into fashion all of a sudden) but these wall plates have retro kettles, teapots, cups and cuttlery cut out of them!
I think they are quite fun - and would look great in a kitchen don't you think? They work really well as a collection of plates and add a new twist with the negative shapes. It is still a work in progress and they need a few technical adjustments - but I'm hoping to make some more of these and add a few more different cut shapes.
Happy Friday everyone!


  1. oh they are GORGEOUS!!!

    will they be in your etsy shop soon?!?!

  2. Hi there!
    Thanks for your feedback - and I'm so glad you like them! :)
    Yes I hope to be making some more soon so I can sell them on Etsy - I'll hopefully get some made in the next few weeks.
    Thanks! Lucy x