Things have been pretty busy for the last week or so..... I have been working on some freelance design projects, as well as preparing for my second market stall which I had on Sunday. I made some more wall plates with cut-out kettle, cups and tea-pot shapes for the market stall which I hope to be listing on Etsy soon as these have proved to be quite popular.
The second market stall went a little better than two weeks ago (phew!) and I did sell a couple of my new teapot brooches and necklaces. It's lovely that people like them - and it's really funny to hear people talk about recognising plates they used to have at home!
I did learn a valuable lesson at the market...... that my hand-made tags aren't waterproof! We had several big bursts of rain and unfortunately the ink ran on my tags and got ruined. Fingers crossed for sunshine in two weeks time!

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  1. Your stall looks fab & so wish that I could have been there. Your cards are delightful & love the tea & cakes design. Looking forward to find an excuse to send them out ! Love Sophie xx