That's me in The Age newspaper!

Well, I was a very chuffed and a wee bit embarressed to find myself in the Life & Style section of The Age on Saturday!  I was interviewed about my melamine plates and how I came to develop the range, as well as a little bit about my background. 

Its been fantastic that so many people have been interested in my work recently - and I've had the most amazing response, including lovely emails from people locally and overseas just telling me how much they like my artwork.  How nice is that!

As a freelance designer I spend most of my time working on my own, so its very difficult to get feedback when there's no one to seek advice or bounce ideas around.  When I launched my own range I was a bit worried about how the range would sell, if people would like the designs, if people would like the hand-painted feel to the collection - or worst of all, if it would just be a complete flop!

So to have the interest in my illustrations and designs, as well as the lovely feedback I've received has just been a really amazing experience.  I'm so grateful to everybody who has either purchased a product, or just dropped me an email to say they like my work.  Thank you! 

You can see the link to the article here.  It's not a brilliant picture of me - nothing worse than getting up in the morning knowing you have a photographer coming over to photograph you - that puts a lot of pressure on a girl in the morning (especially when you have a demanding baby that needs feeding and changing, and putting on a smear of lipstick comes a loooong way down the list of things that have to be done!)


  1. This is fantastic Lucy! 2012 looks like it will be the year of Lucy King Design!
    And I think the photo's really lovely BTW
    Gorgeous work as always ...

  2. It was a thrill to see your smiling face in the morning paper. I showed everyone in Deganis and said 'I know her'. Which of course i don't. but thats blogging isn't it!? Have a wonderful creative year Lucy King! xx

  3. Hi Lucy!

    I'm a new follower from Sydney :)
    I absolutely love your designs and your style!
    I'm an aspiring print designer and your blog is such an inspiration for me!

    congratulations on the article x