Studio clean up!

My clean and tidy studio space!

I made a big effort at the weekend to give my studio space a tidy-up.  After a very busy few months the studio was looking a bit chaotic and was in desperate need of a good clean and tidy.

Artwork and designs have been filed away, piles of papers sorted out, books are back on bookshelves, art materials have been tidied up and magazine tear-outs are sorted into archive folders.  I've even gone through my old magazine collection and binned any magazines pre 2009. (Always quite distressing throwing away magazines - but I did go on a tear-out frenzy prior to binning any!)

I'm not a really messy person, by nature I'm quite organised so I hate it when I'm working in a cluttered environment.  It's nice every few months, or after a particularly busy period, to have a good clean and tidy and get organised again!


  1. Your studio space is amazing. Love all the colour and floral patterns. My sewing/craft room needs a bit tidy and sort out, and I'll be taking inspiration from yours. x

  2. I tend to do a good tidy on the weekends. I like to think I also a nice tidy space, but then I turn around and start projects left, right and centre, leaving a trail of things in my wake...

    I agree with Zara: such a wonderful studio space, full of inspiration and beautiful things to look at!