A cosy weekend ahead

Somehow my little baby boy has turned into a 9 month old person!
It's been a busy few months here and with winter approaching I'm in a hibernating mood..... trackie pants and snuggly hoodies, with lots of cups of steaming hot tea are on the cards for the weekend.  Over the last couple of months I've had a heap of freelance design work, illustrations to paint, a big house clean-up and clear-out, whilst also being a mum and a "housewife"....that is without being a wife!

And somehow amongst all this busy-ness my little baby boy turned 9 months old this week - 9 months old - how did that happen?!  Its hard to believe his first birthday is approaching with lightening speed.  

The Jolly cat, whilst not so fussed about having a baby in the house, quite likes having comfy blankets and play mats to curl up and sleep on.  I envy her ample time to find warm, soft and cosy places to sleep all day, so I'm looking to the cat for inspiration this weekend and aim to follow her lead in the snuggle department.

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  1. That first year flies by way too quickly, my youngest is 4 now, I wish time would slow down!