Studio spring (or rather autumn) clean!

 Tidy, clean and organised - I have desk space again!

Some of my ceramic tableware designs and new melamine designs

 I'd forgotten there was a pattern on my desk it's been buried in artwork for so long
 Some of my endless reference folders with magazine tears and swatches of inspiration material - finally organised into categories!

 As usual the Jolly cat is never far away.... here she is sitting in my letter tray hoping it's nearly tea-time!

Over the last couple of weeks I've been giving the studio a bit of a spring clean and tidying things up.  I'm not a really messy person (I can't cope working in mess and chaos!) but with freelance projects and other things on the go, paper just piles up, things don't get put away, artwork get buried and gradually a cluttered feeling takes hold.  So, I decided it was time to clear things up a little and get organised again.  I currently don't recognise the studio its looking so tidy - and I have space again.  Yay!  I know it won't last long, but for now I feel like I'm working in a new space and it will get me through the next six months until it needs doing again.

I've also been organising my inspirtion folders into categories - finally!  I have heaps of folders full of inspiration material - from contemporary floral to retro and childrens reference.  I'm forever scouring magazines for source material and tearing out swatches of paper, and for a long time these were all jumbled up into folders.  I've gradually been going through all this material that I've been collating over years - and they are now all in specific reference folders.  Sooo much easier for finding images, I don't know why it took me so long to do it!!       

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  1. This is a fantastic studio..... I love the Walls.