Coffee pot sketches & collages

I've been experimenting some more with my ink pen, sketching my tea and coffee pots and also adding in some collage backgrounds and details.
Here I've added some collaged coloured paper to replicate the colourful pattern around the top of the old Studio Meakin coffee pot.
Normally my work is so colourful when painting with watercolours, so I quite like the monotone black and white contrast acheived with the black ink pen.  Working with the ink pen also forces me to simplify what I'm drawing, as I can't add all of the shadows and subtle details that I can with paint.
I've also liked using torn newspaper print as a background to draw onto as it reinforces the simple black and white palette, and helps to add some detail and surface interest - whilst keeping the drawn images to a minimum.
Off to put the kettle on now!....  


  1. Lucy, these are great. I'm doing a lot of pen and ink drawings and I really like it as a medium. Thanks for showing these.

  2. Thought these pen & ink drawings are wonderful & work so well. They would make great cards ...especially in my new tea shop ;o) Love Soph xx