Me Old China at Small Space Jewellery

Last week I dropped some new Me Old China jewellery designs to the lovely Small Space Jewellery in Fitzroy.

Small Space took a selection of Clarice Cliff pieces and Vintage Floral designs, to add to the Willow 'Fancy a Cuppa' collection they already have.
The range above features pendants cut from a Clarice Cliff dinner plate.  I picked up two of these second-hand plates from the local Oxfam shop when I was back in England.  The plate pattern is called 'Tonquin' and was designed by Clarice Cliff in about 1954.  This particular pattern was originally designed for the American market place and was one of her most popular tableware designs, it depicts a traditional English landscape scene and printed in this unusual pinky-red colour. 
The Vintage Floral designs are also taken from a second-hand old English dinner plate.  The sweet floral patterns (taken from the centre of the dinner plate) feature alongside sections taken from the rim of the plate!  You can see the ribbed texture on the bottom of the jewellery pieces, that ran around the very edge of the plate rim.  So as well as adding some textural detail to the pieces, it also helps to reinforce the origins of the jewellery by highlighting their previous use as a domestic dinner plate! 

A big 'Thank You' to Small Space Jewellery for their support with Me Old China

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  1. Lucy - these are stunning! I always wondered if you shed a few tears before cutting up these plates! :)
    Thanks for your gorgeous comment the other day - I have settled in well. I hope you are doing well too :D