'It's Time to Talk', tea illustrations for Aware mental health campaign

I was approached towards the end of last year by the charity Aware, a non-profit organisation in Ireland, which offers support and information for people who suffer from depression.  They wanted to use some of my tea illustrations to launch their latest campaign 'It's Time to Talk'.....about mental health, for their website and facebook sites.
The illustrations chosen by Aware were from a blog post sometime ago, where I did a series of sketches experimenting with ink pen and collage techniques.  I was delighted to donate the illustrations to such a worthy cause, and help support their campaign to get people in Ireland to host coffee mornings and chat about mental health.         

The sketches were originally done for personal experimentation and enjoyment, so it was great they ended up being useful and serving a much greater purpose.  For more information about the 'It's Time to Talk' campaign just visit Aware.     


  1. What an interesting design concept for this campaign! Thank you for donating your talent to such a cause. Mental health issues have me and my nearest and dearest. I hope this helps people to come out and talk about it.

  2. I love the lets have a cup of tea and talk about mental health approach of this campaign. It's warm, friendly and unthreatening. Your illustrations look fabulous on the posters, absolutely perfect.