Strawberry kettles & crochet mats

On two separate op-shop expeditions recently, I picked up this very sweet old-fashioned whistling kettle and a collection of crochet mats.  I already have a couple of vintage whistling kettles, but it was the pretty strawberry pattern that appealed to me with this one, and it was just too cute to resist.      
The crochet mats in assorted sizes and patterns were picked up for the pricely sum of $1 for the lot!  I don't really use crochet mats for anything, I just loved the different patterns (they're rather like enlarged snowflakes) and figure I'm sure to find a use for them sometime in the future.     


  1. That strawberry teapot is ridiculously cute! Does it have a maker's mark?

  2. Hi, I can't find any makers mark on the kettle at all - so I've no idea who made it :( I agree though it's very cute!

  3. I agree Lucy the kettle is so cute. I can't resist visits to the Op Shop, I always come away a little treasure I love.