Kyneton Daffodil Festival

Over the weekend we had the annual Daffodil Festival.  Kyneton is just bursting at the seams with Daffodils at this time of year - they bloom in all the public parks, along pathways, and every garden shimmers with yellow.  The Festival celebrates this yearly event and also welcomes the start of Spring - hurray!   
The children's petting farm was a particular favourite event with chickens, ducks, sheep, goats, rabbits, turkeys and even a deer roaming around, happy to have a cuddle and a stroke.  Very exciting for a two year old - and even for some adults!            

Kyneton turned on a fabulous Spring day with beautiful warm sunshine, and it was great to get out and support the local schools and CFA with their fundraising - sausage sizzles and buying yummy home-baked cakes isn't too difficult to support!  It's a really social event and lovely to catch up with people and see all the community getting involved.        


  1. Hi Lucy, just found your blog.
    I live in Kyneton too - moved up from the city 3 years ago and love it. Don't love the commute so much in the middle of Winter but it is a lovely town and we have found it to be very friendly.
    Love your photos. We are renovating so didn't get to much of the festival this year. Glad the weather was lovely for it though.


    1. Hi Karen,
      Thanks for your message. Luckily I escape the regular commute - but my partner does it on a daily basis and he feels the same way, he's on the 5.17am train - ugh! Good luck with the reno's and I might see you around K-town soon :)