Earth 911 - reused planters

Floppy disk planters - Brit + Co
Super-cute colander planter - The Micro Gardner 
Vintage typewriter planter - Besserina 
Dump truck planter - Michael Coghlan 
Sweet shoe planter - Kidchamp
Kitchenware planters - me!

I love quirky planters, especially if the planters aren't typical pots used for plants or gardening purposes.  Recycling website Earth 911 did a fab little round-up today of repurposed planter ideas, including my teapot, kettle and saucepan garden planters!

Earth 911 is a super comprehensive website focusing on recycling, reducing waste and reusing materials - with heaps of info, news, lifestyle ideas and DIY projects.  Check out this video on the website about how plastic bags get recycled - it's quite an eye-opener!

There are some great planter ideas in the round-up and I particularly love the colander and vintage typewriter planters.  Too cute!    

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