New christmas ceramic goodies!

Ceramic Kofti pot (above) by Kathie Winkle c.1967             

Japanese coffee set (above) & decorative mugs (below)
I got quite a selection of vintage ceramic goodies for Christmas this year from Mr B - he certainly knows the way to my heart! 

The Kofti pot by Kathie Winkle (manufactured by James Broadhurst & Sons) is actually a mix of a coffee pot and a tea pot - clever! Designed in 1967 it has a fabulous retro pattern and I love the tall modern shape to the pot.  I have quite a few plates with designs by Kathie Winkle as I love all the classic retro patterns she produced in such a recognisable style.

I also got this rather amazing Japanese coffee set with coffee pot, jug and little mugs - very cute!  The set features an embossed circular geometric pattern which I'm guessing dates from about the 1970's.  The Kathie Winkle Kofti pot and this Japanese coffee set now sit happily on my shelves amongst the rest of my assorted cups, saucers, jugs and coffee pots.

Mr B also managed to find some more Japanese mugs with different patterns to add to my rapidly expanding collection!


  1. love the idea of a combined coffee and tea pot

  2. What lovely pieces. I especially love those coffee mugs!