Clipper Tea Packaging

When I first started writing this little blog I did a post about some fabulous packaging for Clipper Tea.  I had originally bought the tea when I was in England because I loved the packaging, but I have since become a big fan of the range of teas they produce, as well as their continuing lovely packaging design.  I love the simple but slightly quirky graphic imagery, and of course the teapot and teacup theme is a bit of a favourite subject for me!

I bought some more of the teas when I was in England recently to sip in the cold weather - and bought the empty packaging home with me (does anyone else bring empty packaging home with them after a holiday?!...)  I have previously bought some of the Clipper Tea from Prahran Market, but they don't stock the full range so it was nice to try sample some new flavours whilst back in Blighty.   

The Clipper Tea team have great ethics with their tea production and are Fair Trade affiliated, and they have a pretty cute website too!


  1. Ii have some of their Licorice root tea, from La Manna organics in Sydney Rd - delicious, and oh so pretty boxes!

  2. Oh i love that packaging! I am also a passionate tea drinker so i shall seek out 'Clipper'. BTW my cousin and his partner brought back paper shopping bags from japan and framed a couple of them because they were so enchanted by the graphics! jx

  3. I miss Clipper Tea! I love the packaging too x