'Garden Wisdom' - Angie Lewin illustrations

I thought I'd share a book I recently bought called 'Garden Wisdom' which feature the wonderful woodblock illustrations of Angie Lewin. I'm such a big fan of Angie Lewin's work and I couldn't resist this book - more for the design inspiration than the gardening tips!
The book itself was inspired by the art of Angie Lewin; 'She sees the beauty in all seasons and manifestations of all plants: the ordered pattern of the blooms, the thrusting energy of the emerging buds, the prolific seed heads and the varieties of shapes, colours and habits to be found in meadow and border.' (Leslie Geddes-Brown, Garden Wisdom).
The book has handy snippets of garden wisom (literally) from various gardeners and garden designers throughout the ages - which would probably be very useful for me to read if only I didn't get so distracted by the pictures!
You can buy Garden Wisdom here.

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