Rundell & Rundell workshop

Last week I had the opportunity to have peek into the workshop of super-talented and passionate craftsman / chairmaker / woodworker Glen Rundell, of Rundell & Rundell

Much has been written about Rundell & Rundell, and the rather beautiful shop in Kyneton run by Glen and his very talented wife Lisa (see The Design Files and The Countryphiles) but I was particularly excited about seeing inside Glen's workshop where all the magic happens! 
Glen is a woodworker and chairmaker who hand-crafts his pieces in an age-old traditional style, using the same techniques as would have been used 200 years ago.  The process to create his hand-made Windsor chairs, Shaker oval boxes and other traditional household items is immensely time-consuming and labour intensive, including harvesting much of the timber himself which in itself can take months to dry.  Like many artisans however, the timely process to craft his products is a labour of love and Glen is passionate about preserving these traditional crafts and creating products that are beautiful and long-lasting.  The Rundell & Rundell shop is testament to his desire to only stock 'fine traditional goods, beautifully crafted by hand'.   

Glen's Windsor chairs are an absolute work of art taking many precious hours to create, and on the
day I arrived to photograph the workshop he was in the process of a 7-day workshop teaching students to make their own Windsor chair.  It was great seeing the workshop in full swing, and I even managed to score a piece of delicious banana cake (with passionfruit icing no less) made by Lisa - this was a real treat and worth doing the workshop for alone!

Tools of the trade
Some of the beautiful Shaker oval boxes

Big thanks to Glen for allowing me to wander round his workshop poking my camera around! For more information about Rundell & Rundell including the workshops see the website, and Glen also writes a blog covering his woodworking escapades and his rather epic house renovation!

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  1. Very nice! I love the workshop; I have a similar one, but I just make smaller things.