Post holiday blues

I've been suffering a little bit with post holiday blues, after a beautiful week spent in Queensland. It was fabulous to get away for a few days for a change of scene, and to escape the chilly winter days here in Kyneton.
Mr J had a great time hanging out at the beach, making sand-castles and running into the surf for a paddle. As a child I loved going to the beach for summer holidays, and growing up in England nearly all of my childhood beach trips were in the UK or Scotland (if anyone watches the British TV series 'Doc Martin', this is filmed at Port Isaac in Cornwall - one of the beautiful beaches where I used to go on holiday) It didn't matter about the weather, it was all about being outside all day, discovering and exploring new places, playing on the beach, collecting shells and poking in rock pools - and yes it did involve swimming in the very cold waters surrounding our small island!  
It was wonderfully refreshing for us to have a break from work, and to be without computers, emails, train timetables and house chores for a week. Back to reality now with frosty mornings and still un-read emails in the in-box! 
Of course I made it a priority to check out a few local op-shops and second-hand places, and my Queensland holiday was complete when I found this rather gorgeous vintage English teacup and saucer featuring an art deco style pattern in tones of greens.

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