Vintage tableware...melamine!

Fancy a Cuppa
I'm having a bit of a dilemma with what to do with my Vintage Tableware melamine plate designs..... The three designs currently in the range are Fancy a Cuppa, Tea Party and High Tea (as seen above and below). Fancy a Cuppa and Tea Party are definitely the most popular designs, with High Tea not selling quite as well.
Tea Party

High Tea

So, I'm wondering whether to delete High Tea from the range and replace it with another design using the vintage cups and saucers.  I've mocked-up a new design below featuring the yellow rose cups with a saucer and a teaspoon, with a working name of Time for Tea

I like the simplicity of the singular teacups design which contrasts the busier teacup patterns in the other plates, but it still works as a mix-and-match coordinate to the other two designs.

New design (mock-up only) Time for Tea above, and shown with the other teacup designs below

Anyway, I'd love to get a bit of feedback if anyone out there in blog-land cares to share an opinion! So, let me know - should I keep the original teapot design, or replace with the new teacup design....


  1. Funny, but High Tea is actually my favourite of the three!

  2. Hi Kylie, I know - I always liked High Tea! I liked that it linked in with the teacups, but was a totally different design and created a fun mix and match feel. It's just been a very slow seller - so I wondered if I was the only one that like it! No point having it in the range if it doesn't sell. Thanks so much for your feedback anyway x

  3. Prefer the 'Time for Tea' rather than High Tea - the group picture of all three at the bottom look great

  4. I love the new design as it adds continuity to all plates. I wonder though whether people already had a view to only buy 2 plates so they choose the 'matching' ones.

  5. Hi Luc, I love the rose illustration on 'High Tea' but the new design is great also. It works well alongside with 'Fancy a Cuppa' and 'Tea Party'.

  6. Hi Lucy
    I prefer 'Time for Tea' design. The scale of the design is more in keeping with the others. It seems to me that if you are having some more done and you have some of the 'High Tea' left in stock then it makes sense to go with 'Time for Tea' as it is a way of adding to the range. Tom