Olle Eksell

This is a fabulous book featuring the work of Swedish graphic designer Olle Eksell - and I've been meaning to blog about the book for a while.  Olle Eksell was an influential graphic designer working in the 1950's and worked across diverse design disciplines including illustration, packaging design, branding, fabric and textile designs.

I love the naiive and quirky style of Olle's work, with many of his designs having a sense of humour and whimsy to them.  As with many of the designers I admire, he was working at a time of pre-computerisation so his illustrations and designs posess all the quirks and flair of his hand created artwork.  

Olle Eksell Swedish Graphic Designer is available from the rather fabulous Pie Books.

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  1. What gorgeous illustrations! I'm going to get me a copy - thanks for introducing us to Eksell